Web Development - A New Learning Curve

This is a live post and updated periodically.

After developing self-innovated projects for 3 years, I have more confidence in stepping into next level of web development. Powerful programming languages are competing each other leaving no such a bad language. So, I have to make research carefully before beginning a new learning curve. Wrong decisions can lead me cooking with wrong recipes and I feel mad when the time is wasted.

I was thinking about boosting my JavaScript knowledge into expert level by studying each and every functions and design pattern all last 3 months. Then, I made some research and reviewed my web development progress. Eventually, I found out 4 points of becoming JavaScript expert.

1. Be a web design master

Becoming a web design master becomes a sub-learning curve itself and it is an important one. Almost every web development project cannot avoid design stage and styling regardless of the template languages they use such as HTML, Jade or ejs.
Besides, I usually grab a readymade html template and start developing my projects especially for admin panel. Then I edited the original style sheets but I left .less or .scss styles sheets untouched. May be this is the time I should start writing my stylesheet from scratch.
However, I have no difficulties in choosing between less and sass. If you search less vs sass on Google, you can easily see who the winner is. Always the SASS is.

As this post is written before Getting Started with Sass and Compass, the following content will be updated when I start learning them. Thank you for your time for reading this post.

2. Write own JavaScript modules

3. Start blogging what I have learnt

4. Study through good resources and repeat.

Nay Win Myint

Founder and CEO of Pancasikha Music Streaming Provider, JavaScript full-stack and Android developer and Graphic designer.

Rangoon, Myanmar